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Employee Spotlight: Q&A with Emily Fox

In this OneOncology Employee Spotlight, get to know Emily Fox, OneOncology’s Senior Director of Physician Relations & Liaisons.

Emily shares with us how she has used her marketing and communications experience to collaborate with physicians and practice leaders throughout her career in community oncology.

Q. Tell us about your professional and educational background and how you put it to use today?  

EF: My undergraduate degree is from the University of Colorado in Marketing & Communications, and I have more than 15 years of experience leading physician liaison and marketing teams in community oncology.

I use my training and experience to understand all aspects of the business at each practice, including market trends, patient volumes, and operational efficiencies. This allows me to work collaboratively with physicians, practice leadership, and physician liaisons to develop strategies and solutions to drive new cancer patient growth.  

Q. How do you support OneOncology practice partners?  

EF: I support OneOncology’s partner practices by building and maintaining relationships with local teams to identify opportunities to gain market share, provide strategic guidance on key initiatives to drive volume, and provide tools and resources to help make practice liaisons more effective in the field. I also work closely with other teams within OneOncology to ensure alignment to optimize growth opportunities. 

Q. How it makes you feel to know your work is contributing to caring for cancer patients? 

EF: My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 13 years old, so I know firsthand how important it is to have access to the latest treatment options, and equally, how critical having the best patient experience is to the person receiving cancer care. The most important moments in my career have been when I can spend time in the infusion room with patients undergoing active treatment. Listening to their stories, hearing their fears, and seeing their genuine gratitude for the providers and nurses taking care of them is awe-inspiring. It’s a constant reminder of the lifesaving and difficult work our practice partners face every day. It’s also incredibly rewarding to know my work is contributing to finding cancer patients the best possible care, which is at the practices partnered with OneOncology.