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The OneOncology Way: Setting a New Standard

By Tracy Bahl, President & CEO, OneOncology ..It wasn’t long ago that a cancer diagnosis implied a binary outcome – you lived, or you died – and more frequently the latter. But today – thanks to significant developments in diagnostics and therapies – many cancer treatments can resemble those of a chronic illness rather than a deadly disease.  

The rapid advancements in medical science, oncology data, and technology have far outpaced innovation in patient care models. OneOncology was conceived to close that gap.

Our thesis is that physician governance combined with clinical, operational, and financial technology will position OneOncology to fundamentally transform cancer care delivery for everyone living with cancer.

Many of the nation’s best cancer organizations work hard every single day to realize a similar mission. So how are we different? Here’s how…


We know that oncologists and their patients are better off when oncologists own their practices, control their medical decisions, select their partners, determine their compensation structures, and fully participate in the risks and rewards of their practice.

As a result, OneOncology does not acquire practices; we align our interests with the interests of our affiliated practices. Our goal is to build successful practices that support the entire continuum of care (from prevention and diagnosis to survivorship or palliative care) to provide better, more coordinated treatment for their patients.

With our connected, national partnership, our physicians benefit from economies of scale and intelligence.

We leverage the best practices of the nation’s best oncology practices (BestPractices2) to pursue our “quadruple aim” goals:

  1. Reduce costs to patients, physicians and payers
  2. Improve quality of care
  3. Increase access to treatment and clinical trials
  4. Enhance the patient experience


We have the benefit of building a technology-powered infrastructure from the ground up; we are not attempting to backpedal decades of antiquated systems and processes.

OneOncology will operate as a world-class technology company. We are employing agile development of technology across data, research and treatment protocols, operational infrastructure, and financial efficiencies so that we can iterate and evolve.

Our integrated platform leverages the informatics of our practices with services via our technology partner – Flatiron Health – to access analytics and research that already exists and make it accessible to all of our physicians at all of their sites of care.


With the combined scale of our affiliated practices, a single and agile technology platform, and a strategic capital partner providing resources to invest, OneOncology believes we can and will do more for everyone living with cancer.

Everyone living with cancer represents more than patients. It is the families, friends, nurses, physicians, APPs… the massive and loving support network that evolves around someone with cancer.

We know we are just at the beginning and that there will be challenges ahead. We realize that innovation requires audacity; we are aiming for places that others have not. But we are humbled by our mission and will be relentless in achieving our goals. Everyone living with cancer deserves this and we are excited about the future. We are OneOncology.