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Statement from Dr. Jeff Patton, CEO, OneOncology

OneOncology Supports Blackburn Amendment Rescinding CMS Policy to Restrict Oncologists’ Ability to Mail Life-Saving Medicines to Their Patients.

“OneOncology strongly supports the Blackburn amendment to rescind the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) policy that is currently restricting oncologists’ ability to provide life-saving medications to their patients. OneOncology was founded by community oncologists, for community oncologists, with the mission of improving the lives of everyone living with cancer. Our goal is to enable community oncology practices to remain independent, deliver high-value cancer care services, and improve patient access to care in their communities – all at a lower cost than in the hospital setting.

Our 960 cancer care providers care for approximately 528,000 patients at more than 300 sites of care nationwide, including approximately 238,000 Medicare beneficiaries per year (inclusive of Medicare Advantage) and approximately 129,000 traditional Medicare beneficiaries per year.

Forcing patients to utilize PBM mail order networks, and not allow them the ability to receive medications from their local practices is just wrong. We strongly support the Blackburn amendment and urge the Committee to take immediate action to protect patients all across our country.”

Jeff Patton, MD
Chief Executive Officer