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OneOncology Appoints Ian Flinn, MD, PhD as Chief Scientific Officer

Nashville, TN – November 20, 2023 – OneOncology, the fastest-growing national platform for independent oncology practices, has appointed Ian Flinn, MD, PhD, as Chief Scientific Officer. In his role, Dr. Flinn will oversee OneR, OneOncology’s research network.

Dr. Flinn is the former Director of Blood Cancer Research at Sarah Cannon Research Institute and has authored more than 240 scientific manuscripts. Prior to SCRI, Dr. Flinn led clinical research for the Sydney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins and was an associate professor of oncology. He also received his PhD in Clinical Investigations and conducted his Clinical Fellowship in Oncology and Hematology while at Johns Hopkins. Dr. Flinn will also service as Chief Scientific Officer at Tennessee Oncology.

“Dr. Flinn will be a valuable resource for our practice partners to advance their clinical trial programs,” said Davey Daniel, MD, Chief Medical Officer, OneOncology. “Beyond his own research, his leadership experiencehas proven his ability to build active and diverse clinical trial programs that reflect our community. We owe it to our patients and to society to ensure that clinical trials are available where most patients are treated – in the community.  Dr. Flinn understands the importance that the right trial can make for the individual patient and for oncology patients in general.”

OneOncology physician partner investigators participate in trials beginning at Phase I development of early novel therapies and continuing through late phase trials leading to new therapies.

“I’m looking forward to working with physician researchers from across OneOncology to improve patient access to clinical trials, advance scientific discovery, and improve trial enrollment,” Dr. Flinn said.