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OneOncology and IDEOlogy Health Partner to Develop a New Approach to Medical Education

Nashville, TN & Austin, TX – March 14, 2022 – OneOncology, the national platform for independent oncology practices, and IDEOlogy Health announced today that the two organizations have entered into a formal agreement to build a specialized oncology education system for physicians that curates timely medical education content and delivers it to providers through a multi-channel format.

To keep pace with sub-specialization, OneOncology has made significant investments in clinical decision support, including in its technology platform. The IDEOlogy partnership further enhances this effort by developing content to deliver to physician partners from the most up-to-date evidence.

“This partnership is about physician ownership of continued medical education,” said Jeff Patton, MD, OneOncology’s CEO. “It is our duty to our patients to make sure their physician has everything needed to make the right decisions for their care. And it is our duty to our physicians to make it relevant, balanced, and efficient. As our physician partners participate in clinical trials similar to academic centers, our intentional approach to content development ensures that education is balanced and curated by our disease-specific experts from across the platform.”

OneOncology has 726 providers caring for more than 420,000 patients annually at 260 clinics across the U.S. The agreement provides instant access to the suite of IDEOlogy Health’s live and online events, seminars and training sessions that are offered through three flagship channels- IDEO Oncology, IDEO Hematology, and IDEO Sound Bites.

IDEOlogy Health has built a reputation as a trusted resource for physicians who want credible, unbiased, up-to-date information on the latest clinical advances right at their fingertips. IDEO Oncology and IDEO Hematology provide up-to-the-minute information in cancer care through a series of virtual and live meetings with world-renowned thought leaders.

“Through our patent-pending Sound Bites platform, we provide timely, trustworthy, clinical data from the most distinguished experts, enabling physicians to effortlessly get the most current information right at their fingertips,” said Mike Gramling, IDEOlogy Health CEO.