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OneOncology and Coastal Cancer Center Purchase Two Radiation Oncology Centers

OneOncology and Coastal Cancer Center Purchase Two Radiation Oncology Centers and Partner with Three South Carolina Radiation Oncologists in Myrtle Beach and Conway

Transaction Preserves Patient Access to the Region’s Only Community-Based Radiation Treatment Facilities

Nashville, TN & Myrtle Beach, SC – February 6, 2024 – OneOncology, the fastest-growing national platform for independent oncology practices, and its South Carolina-based partner, Coastal Cancer Center, announced they have purchased two radiation oncology centers located in Myrtle Beach and Conway, South Carolina from GenesisCare. As part of the transaction, three radiation oncologists and 40 employees will join Coastal Cancer Center and continue caring for patients at both locations.  

The center in Myrtle Beach has three linear accelerators and the Conway center currently has one. This transaction preserves patient access to the region’s only two community-based radiation treatment facilities, both vital to supporting high-quality care delivery in the area. Linear accelerators deliver several types of external-beam radiation therapy with pinpoint accuracy sparing healthy tissue nearby and are commonly used to treat cancers of the head and neck, breast, cervix, prostate, brain, lungs, and skin.

“Adding radiation oncology allows our practice to expand the care we can provide to communities in Horry and its surrounding counties,” said Emily Touloukian, DO, President of Coastal Cancer Center, Community Oncology Alliance Executive Committee Member, and Past President of the South Carolina Oncology Society. “We are excited to work alongside our new radiation oncologist partners and their team to continue building strong relationships throughout the South Carolina physician community and deliver high-quality cancer care to individuals in our communities where they live and work.”

OneOncology, a national physician-led company with 1,000 providers caring for more than 640,000 patients annually, helps its twenty practice partners grow by adding physicians, services, and sites of care that enhance patients’ access to high-quality care that is less expensive than if it were delivered in the hospital.

“By helping Coastal Cancer Center expand into radiology oncology, OneOncology is fulfilling its mission to assist our independent practice partners by identifying and executing strategies to remain independent, grow, and bring high-value cancer care services to their patients, employers, and payors,” said Jeff Patton, MD, CEO, OneOncology. “We look forward to continuing our work with Dr. Touloukian and her physician partners to enhance cancer care in South Carolina.” The Myrtle Beach radiation oncology center is located at 4708 Oleander Drive and the Conway center is at 8059 Myrtle Trace Drive.