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OneOncology Adopts Slack As a Digital Headquarters for Physician Communications

Nashville, TN – October 24, 2022 – OneOncology, the platform for leading independent oncology practices, announced it has moved its physician communications platform, OneCommunity, to Slack. By utilizing the Slack platform as a digital collaboration headquarters for real-time physician communications, a genomic concierge service, and a robust menu of content including clinical trial listings, tumor boards, and asynchronized learning opportunities, OneOncology brings physicians an innovative tool unrivaled in community oncology.

“Since launching OneCommunity two years ago, we’ve connected hundreds of providers to share complex cases, trial opportunities and diagnostic reports. With Slack, we will expand the depth of knowledge we can share with, and between, oncologists and empower our providers with a superior physician experience that puts actionable information at their fingertips,” said Davey Daniel, MD, Chief Medical Officer, OneOncology. “Slack can serve as connective tissue between our oncologists and expert support teams. I’m looking forward to using this platform to connect with our provider teams across our network.”

Slack’s user experience in which information is sorted, stored and shared in a user-friendly format on mobile and desktop devices is ideal for an oncologist working in large or small oncology practices to connect with specialist experts and learn about the latest clinic developments. Features of OneCommunity’s Slack digital headquarters include:

Molecular Help Line: With the integration of genomic reports central to precision medicine, physicians will be able to have a direct and real-time line to OneOncology’s Precision Medicine team, led by Tom Stricker, MD, to consult on patient genomic findings, which will enhance physicians’ ability to connect patients with a clinical trial or better understand rare findings.

On-Demand Disease Expertise: With distinct channels to share information in OneOncology’s Disease Groups, physicians will have the latest clinical information curated and presented in an easy-to-use format.

Virtual Tumor Boards: A greatly enhanced experience with an ability to discuss cases and have a prompt response which will allow for better consultation, discussion and therapeutic decision.  

The value of a network directly correlates to the engagement of its users. With the addition of a digital collaborative headquarters, OneOncology helps the 850 providers caring for patients in 15 states on the platform expand patient treatment options and improve the patient’s overall experience.