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Meet Jeremy Castle, Regional Vice President of West Operations

Patients Experience Quality of Life through Community Oncology Care

Our meet the Regional Vice President series rolls on with our western hand, Jeremy Castle. Our Regional Vice Presidents are the connective tissue between our practice partners and the OneOncology team. Jeremy epitomizes OneOncology’s commitment to connection and engagement through two-way communication.

Read on to learn more about how Jeremy gets the best out of his practice partners and OneOncology colleagues to help practices solve operational challenges.

Q: How do you support OneOncology practice partners?
A: Listening to practices as they share their ideas and perspectives keeps everyone involved and engaged in the operational process. I always embrace two-way communication; it enables us to drive operational excellence through various stages of practice development. Additional areas of focus include recognizing challenges, maximizing processes for strategic alignment, identifying key metrics for growth, and creating solutions through physician and practice engagement. My goal is to bring practice leadership and advocacy to OneOncology partner practices and the patients they serve.

Q: Tell us how it makes you feel to know your work is contributing to the care of patients?
A: I ask a lot of questions to fully understand the scope of issues and pain points. This tactic invites people to come together and explore major new opportunities that the organization hadn’t identified yet. Creating successful operational initiatives within a practice positively impacts patients and their families during a difficult time in their lives. This is the most important and most rewarding part of my job. Driving satisfaction and quality of life for employees and providers is so critical to the healthcare continuum. It leaves me very satisfied and fulfilled knowing our platform is improving the lives of everyone and is an integral part in the cancer care model.

Q: What is it about your job that makes your particularly proud? 
A: I am very proud to be a part of a large team that develops and provides comprehensive care solutions to partner practices. As a consultative partner, I make suggestions that are rooted in data, to drive efficiencies and value to the organizations. Standing up pharmacies, introducing supportive/integrative care and providing multi-disciplinary coordination, delivers better outcomes to patients. This is evident through the many stories shared with me. Patients are living their best lives because of the quality care they receive from community oncology providers and staff.