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Dr. Thomas Stricker Joins OneOncology as Medical Director for Precision Medicine

Nashville, TN – June 13, 2022 – OneOncology, the national platform for independent oncology practices, today appointed Thomas Stricker, MD as Medical Director for Precision Medicine. Dr. Stricker will work with partner practices to create workflows that reduce physicians’ burden of genomic test ordering and interpretation, so they have more time to spend with their patients. Dr. Stricker reports to Chief Medical Officer, Davey Daniel, MD.

Stricker says he sees three pillars of assistance for testing that he and his team can provide to physician partners:

  1. At order, to make sure the right tests are ordered.
  2. At initial result, to make sure that the appropriate therapy is given based on the current data.
  3. At recurrence or progression, to identify additional options whether they are the standard of care or a clinical trial option. 

“The complexity of pathology standards in oncology necessitates a change in the way that results are delivered, such as comprehensive reports that summarize the key data from multiple tests,” Dr. Stricker said.  “I am excited to help build systems that can empower our physicians to maximize the value of testing during each stage.”

Dr. Stricker was most recently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology at Vanderbilt University where he founded the Somatic Clinical Sign-out Team and the Clinical Genomics Lab, which generates whole exome and other germline sequencing panels. Dr. Stricker also served as associate director of VANTAGE, the research sequencing core for Vanderbilt.

At Vanderbilt, Dr. Stricker also served on molecular tumor boards and was on the team that founded GENIE, an American Association for Cancer Research initiative for the sharing of genomic cancer sequencing data across institutions. Dr. Stricker has extensive experience in generating and analyzing Next Generation Sequencing data, and in generating and signing out clinical genomic reports. 

“Dr. Stricker has extensive experience in genomic sequencing, research and developing data integrations across cancer institutions,” said Davey Daniel, MD, OneOncology’s Chief Medical Officer. “His knowledge, experience and vision are a perfect fit to support our physicians’ abilities to use genomic testing to match the right treatment or trial at the right time – all in oncology practices that are conveniently located close to where patients live.”

Dr. Stricker earned his MD and PhD from Washington University in St. Louis. Following a residency in Anatomical Pathology and a fellowship in Bone and Soft Tissue at The University of Chicago, he joined Dr. Kevin White’s lab in the Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology as a post-doctoral fellow. While there, he developed expertise in generating and analyzing data from the then-new next generation sequencing technologies.