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Enhancing Cancer Care: OneOncology & Mary Bird Perkins Partnership
Enhancing Cancer Care: OneOncology & Mary Bird Perkins Partnership
Enhancing Cancer Care: OneOncology & Mary Bird Perkins Partnership
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Enhancing Cancer Care: OneOncology & Mary Bird Perkins Partnership

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, the leader in Louisiana's cancer care landscape since 1971, embarked on a transformative journey in 2021 by affiliating with OneOncology. This strategic alliance, aimed at bolstering community-based cancer care across Louisiana and beyond, expanded the Center's reputation for excellence into new areas of oncology care.

“The OneOncology | Mary Bird Perkins partnership has accomplished a significant amount in a short time,” said Jonas Fontenot, PhD, MBA, President and CEO, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. “OneOncology has brought immense resources to the partnership, supporting our growth into new services and allowing Mary Bird Perkins to focus on what our team does best: providing compassionate, comprehensive cancer care.”

Mary Bird Perkins leveraged its extensive experience and regional partnerships, attracting medical oncologists and other providers to broaden its service offerings. OneOncology's Integrations Team swiftly connected with the Cancer Center, helping facilitate a seamless transition within four months.

Elements of Success:

Integrations Expertise: OneOncology's team tailored comprehensive integrations plans and closely collaborated with Mary Bird Perkins' leadership.
Preferred Partnerships: Leveraging relationships with Flatiron Health expedited EMR setup and ensured timely access to essential equipment and supplies.
Platform Offerings: OneOncology's integrated platform provided support across HR, finance, marketing, and business development.
Future Direction: The partnership positions OneOncology as a key ally in Mary Bird Perkins' mission to improve survivorship and lessen the burden of cancer. The center's agility, bolstered by OneOncology's support, enables the Cancer Center to expand services independently or through hospital collaborations, fostering consistent patient journeys.
Expanding Services: With OneOncology's assistance, Mary Bird Perkins has diversified its offerings along the cancer care continuum, including the establishment of a new lab, and medically integrated specialty pharmacy dispensing.
Backbone Services: OneOncology's expertise extends beyond operational support to optimizing revenue cycles, enhancing payor negotiated rates, legal assistance, and facilitating the addition of new physicians and advanced clinical services like precision oncology and theranostics.

In essence, the Mary Bird Perkins | OneOncology partnership epitomizes a commitment to advancing cancer care excellence and empowering communities with accessible, first-class services tailored to patients' needs.