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Increasing Efficiencies and Reducing Expenditures

OneOncology worked throughout the year to continue centralizing services, creating efficiencies for our network. 2023 saw the strengthening of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), Managed Care, and Information Technology (IT).


In 2023 OneOncology launched its tech enabled centralized RCM platform providing practices with the ability to leverage a scalable and consistent solution to meet their RCM needs. Practices can now centralize their RCM services with OneOncology providing them:

  • Greater flexibility to avoid staffing shortages and/or dependencies on 3rd parties.
  • Leverage industry leading technology such as a centralized Accounts Receivable platform and enterprise-wide Payer Contract and Underpayments solution.
  • Access to a deep pool of experts across all areas of RCM – including key functions that often pose challenges for practices such as Authorizations, Radiation Oncology, Eligibility and Benefits Verification.
Over 12 practices have already joined OneOncology’s RCM platform, and each has seen significant improvements, including faster time to payment from payors, improved cash collections, and a reduction in time spent resolving RCM issues. OneOncology will continue to invest heavily in the RCM platform, which will enable practices to leverage more automation, reduce their RCM costs and continue to improve their financial performance.

Managed Care

OneOncology’s credentialing team grew substantially in 2023, and now serves ten of our practices, including managing their license renewables. The team’s 2024 goals include ensuring all credentialing operations are up and running for physicians and staff, building out KPI’s, creating a reporting package for monthly practice delivery, and exploring delegated credentialing in each market. Additionally, the payor relations team is managing the payor strategy, and solving payor problems for 16 of our practice partners on practice-by-practice basis. Our goal is to drive year-over-year revenue growth and to provide exceptional customer service to our practices.


In the pursuit of operational efficiency and IT automation, OneOncology successfully implemented a robust IT Support Model across four clinics in 2023—Piedmont Cancer Institute, Astera Cancer Care, Pennsylvania Cancer Specialists and Research Institute, and Arizona Blood and Cancer Specialists. This model serves as the cornerstone of our IT infrastructure, offering a comprehensive suite of services including networking, security, HIPAA audits, and endpoint management. Central to this framework is our utilization of ServiceNow, a powerful platform that enables us to automate and optimize various IT workflows.

The successful implementation of our IT Support Model has resulted in numerous benefits:

  • Improved Productivity: Streamlined workflows and automated processes have significantly increased productivity across clinics.
  • Enhanced Security Measures: Rigorous security protocols have fortified our systems, ensuring data protection and compliance.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Volume purchasing, reduced redundancy, and optimized workflows have contributed to cost savings, maximizing resource allocation and utilization.