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Expanding and Diversifying Cancer Care Services

In 2023, OneOncology grew faster than it did in previous years. With the addition of Hematology Oncology Associates of the Palm Beaches, Coastal Cancer Center, Pacific Cancer Care, Mid Florida Cancer Center and Clearview Cancer Institute to our platform, OneOncology's reach expanded into three new states and five new markets. These five practices added nearly 125 additional providers to the platform. Including the 210 providers recruited to a OneOncology practice in 2023, our network of providers is now over 1,100 nationwide.

A key factor attracting oncologists to join OneOncology is our high-touch growth support. OneOncology boasts a team of dedicated business development, operations, liaison, recruiting and managed care experts who craft tailored growth plans leveraging various high-quality data sources and market intelligence.

Our approach involves maintaining an understanding of each practice's market dynamics, identifying opportunities, addressing threats and ultimately prioritizing the greatest needs for patients in their communities. Growth efforts progress from ideation to execution through our deployment of both capital and boots-on-the-ground resources. These resources accelerate practice growth, while significantly de-risking it.

In 2023, OneOncology allocated over $70 million in capital to support the growth of our practices. We prioritized the following growth efforts based on partner practice priorities:

1. In-Market Growth

OneOncology pays consideration and funds working capital required to support practice growth in markets. Gaining scale within markets enables our practices’ ability to expand into ancillary services and supports managed care negotiations. OneOncology streamlines in-market growth by supporting integrations, revenue cycle, accounting, managed care, and other required elements. We take care of the financial and operational intricacies, allowing practices to focus on growth and patient care.

+14 In-Market Practice Affiliations / +30 Providers


Genesee Cancer & Blood Disease Treatment Center in Flint, Michigan joined The Cancer & Hematology Centers, bringing the Western Michigan based practice into a new market as it looks to grow across the Great Lakes State.

Pacific Cancer Medical Center in Anaheim joins the Los Angeles Cancer Network (LACN), bolstering LACN’s impressive growth from only 11 physicians in 2020 to 23 by end of 2023.

2. Expansion Into New Markets And Services

OneOncology covers the capital expenditure costs associated with expansion projects. For example, whether a practice aims to enter a new market to address patient needs or seeks to enhance imaging services for an improved patient experience, OneOncology is committed to financing and supporting the development of new sites and services.

$70+ million of capital expended on expansion into new markets and services.
Across practices, our partners have expanded into more than 10 new specialties, including radiology, lab, physical therapy, rheumatology, primary care, and integrative medicine.


Astera Cancer Care added primary care physicians and rheumatologists to continue to provide a high-quality experience to patients across the continuum of care, along with already offering medical oncology, radiation oncology, breast surgery, and interventional pulmonology services.

3. Physician Recruiting

OneOncology's comprehensive recruiting team oversees the recruitment process for practices, managing it from start to finish. Additionally, OneOncology’s support also extends to financial assistance to our practice partners during a recruited physician’s ramp-up period.

Recruited over 200 providers across our practices across over 12 specialties in 2023, ranging from rural Georgia to Los Angeles to Grand Rapids, MI.


University Cancer & Blood Center (UCBC): Recruited 16 providers to UCBC across six different specialties, allowing UCBC to build out robust ancillary service lines for improved patient experience.

Adding Providers to OneOncology’s
Platform, Quickly and Efficiently

Average time it takes OneOncology’s
recruitment team to fill vacancies


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