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Living the Mission

Dear Partner,

I have always fundamentally believed that everyone should have access to high-quality cancer care and that community oncology is the best path to balance access to vital cancer care across the United States.

From my experience working at MD Anderson Cancer Center early in my career to leading Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center in Louisiana, I have had the opportunity to work with expert physicians, scientists, and their teams who have collectively contributed to the momentum seen today in improved cancer outcomes.

At OneOncology, that same sense of expectation for improved outcomes drives our mission, along with the exceptional care provided by our practice partners. Since joining OneOncology, I have observed the mission — Improving the Lives of Everyone Living with Cancer — being executed every day. Teams across OneOncology engage in their work with the goal of improving the lives of individuals impacted by cancer. Our unique ability to cultivate relationships with practices, while ensuring that they maintain autonomy to drive clinical care decisions for their patients, is alive and growing.

Contributing to the ever-changing and critical role community cancer care plays in the lives of patients and their families is incredibly rewarding. I’m energized by the collaboration we have with our practice partners and look forward to watching them grow as we work together to expand access to cancer care in communities across the United States.

Physician Enablement

Oncology practices will continue to face tremendous pressures. Declining Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, the acceleration of highly managed governmental plans, expanded reporting requirements, workforce changes, and novel therapies have the potential to disrupt how practices operate today and require them to change in the future. The infrastructure OneOncology has in place accelerates solutions to proactively confront these challenges.

Our investments in pharma optimization, physician recruiting, managed care, physician liaison best practices, a coordinated HR program, legal support for practice operations, an end-to-end revenue cycle management solution, and practice IT support are making a meaningful impact across the network. These services greatly reduce practice costs, which is a key reason why we continue to see OneOncology practices growing into 2024 despite broader market headwinds. And, we have additional initiatives in motion to drive value for practice partners.

Consolidating revenue cycle services across practices will bolster network intelligence, improve our negotiating position with payors, ensure timelier payments, and enhance practice cash flow. OneOncology’s IT support model provides prompt issue resolution and significantly reduces cybersecurity risks, safeguarding patient and practice data. These are just a few of the initiatives in place across the OneOncology platform that demonstrate how being part of the network increases the competitiveness of our affiliated practices. I believe that the potential for value creation by sharing solutions for common non-clinical operational costs is vast, and we aim to harness this potential.

Enabling Independence

Oncologists should have control over the decisions that directly affect their patients, which is fundamental to fulfilling OneOncology’s mission. Our practice partners continue to expand and define how community oncology will advance clinical practice and patient outcomes in the future. We are excited about the future as OneOncology continues to leverage its platform through collaboration with its affiliated practice partners to discover and advance solutions that will drive value for patients, while allowing each practice to independently thrive. Watch our Independence video here.

This has been an extraordinary year, and I look forward to working together in 2024 as we continue to advance the mission.


Todd D. Stevens
Chief Operations Officer