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Clinical Tech Boom

OneR embarked on an ambitious journey in 2023, marked by the selection of a Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) aimed at enhancing clinical trials operations and streamlining clinical trial enrollment. OneR announced that Verily's CTMS would be our go-forward standard for the OneR network. Once fully deployed this year, the solution will offer real-time analytics capabilities including patient enrollment tracking and financial management. And once fully integrated with Workday, our CTMS will offer a comprehensive view of study finances, empowering efficient resource allocation and financial planning.

Complementing this implementation, OneR embarked on deploying Florence, an electronic regulatory binder, across our network. This solution aims to streamline the study start-up process, minimizing administrative hurdles, and elevating the efficiency of compliance documentation for all our studies. By centralizing and standardizing regulatory processes, Florence not only expedites study initiation but also fortifies our commitment to regulatory requirements. Our goal will be to fully deploy Florence in 2024 to all OneR sites.

Looking ahead, we are excited to deploy a new software solution we developed from the ground up called ProMPT. ProMPT is a Google Chrome Extension that is installed within the Google Chrome Browser that we have configured to enable clinician notifications within OncoEMR.

Designed to provide physicians with timely alerts on precision therapy options and pertinent clinical trials, this tool promises to significantly enhance decision-making at the point of care. While currently in its pilot phase, this extension shows promising potential to streamline how physicians access and leverage critical genomic information within OncoEMR. The deployment will empower our clinicians with immediate and targeted genomic insights while enhancing access and communication with our molecular concierge service and hotline.

The integration of these technological advancements underscores our commitment to precision medicine, expanding clinical trial operations, and enabling patient-centered care.